Bath powder[chandamama sunnipindi]


take required amount of bath powder ,you can mix it with water or rose water or milk
and make it like a paste and apply it to the body, gently scrub it for 5 mins all over the body and face and rinse it off with water
this powder is instead of soap ,
do not apply soap immediately before or after using bath powder

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BATH POWDER (Chandamama Sunnipindi)
1. White turmeric
2. Mareedu Guiiu
3. Tunga Gaddalu
4. Bakuuchi
5. Tulasi
6. Amla
7. Neem leaves
8. Green gram
9. kacchuralu

How to use :
1. Mix with milk those who have dry skin or normal skin
2. Mix with water those who have oily skin
3. Scrub this mixture gently all over the body

Cautions :
1. Do not use soap before or after using bath powder
2. Do not scrub it too harsh

1. Psoriasis and eczema cure for 100%
2. Pimples and spots of pimples remover
3. Repairs dry skin
4. Removes body odour
5. Silky becomes silky, shiny, and glowing

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