Pacchi Pasupu


Pacchi pasupu is dried and powdered used for external application to the skin. It makes a wonderful skin rejuvenative for skin whitening when used in fresh or raw from in face pack. Kasthuri manjal grows larger than normal haldi used in curries, is lighter in color, more aromatic and has a thinner skin.

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It is used for several home remedies since thousands of years in India. Many varieties of turmeric are available in our country. Wildturmeric is mainly used for cosmetic benefits. It has bright yellow colour and sweet natural odour. It has been in traditional use as an aromatic medicinal cosmetic and considered to be very effective for the skin use. Wild Turmeric face pack is popular because it contains essential oil which is supposed to possess anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. The volatile oil extracted from wild turmeric has mosquito repellent properties and greatly reduces mosquito bites. It keeps the skin soft and smooth. Amba Haldi is having very good healing property – It is used for Fairness,And Treat acne & Boils, Also remove Scars, marks and keeps away Wrinkles – Amba Haldi is Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, And Anti Oxidant. It helps in treating Skin problems.


Amazing Health Benefits of Wild Turmeric / Amba Haldi / Kasturi Manjal Powder:

For Natural Glowing Skin:
Wild Turmeric / Amba Haldi / Kasturi Manjal Powder contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. These characteristics may provide glow and luster to the skin. Turmeric may also revive your skin by bringing out its natural glow.Our skin is the all-important, outermost protective layer of our body. Skin keeps us safe from harmful microbes and regulates our internal body temperature. This is used to create face masks, pastes, and other topical solutions to heal the skin. It reduces oxidative stress associated with inflammatory skin conditions. Turmeric also enhances collagen synthesis and significantly speeds up tissue repair.


How to use Wild Turmeric / Amba Haldi / Kasturi Manjal Powder :

For Glowing Skin

Prepare a smooth face mask by mixing Wild Turmeric / Amba Haldi / Kasturi Manjal Powder with chickpea flour and fresh, un-boiled milk. Apply the paste of medium consistency evenly to your skin and give a gentle massage for 5 minutes. Leave the mask as it is for 15-30 minutes and then, wash off with water to get a visibly radiant skin.


For Acne ( Pimples )

Wild Turmeric / Amba Haldi / Kasturi Manjal serves as an amazing treatment for pimples and those embarassing pimple marks. Make a paste of this with sandalwood powder and milk. Apply it all over your skin focusing on your pimples and wash it off after 30 minutes. You will be amazed to get a blemish-free skin in few months.


For Hair Removal

Apply the Wild Turmeric / Amba Haldi / Kasturi Manjal Powder like as a paste to areas of your face or body where you want hair removed. Consider using a clean makeup brush to apply it to keep your fingers from getting stained. Leave the turmeric paste on your skin until it dries completely. Your skin will feel tight as the mask dries, it should start crumbling off as it dries. At this step some people like to pull up pieces of the mask that flake off easily. In this case, the mask is acting more like a physical hair removal method and might grab a hair here or there. Splash your skin with lukewarm water and gently rub the mask off with your hands or a face cloth. Pat dry with a towel

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