Wrinkle Free Face Pack


The mask smoothens the face and reduces the fine lines on it. It clears the skin by removing dead skin cells and has anti-aging properties

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Common causes of ageing
01. Sun exposure

One of the most common causes of ageing is touted to be sun exposure. When UV rays penetrate deep into your skin, they end up causing a lot of damage to the DNA present in your skin cells, causing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

02. Smoking

Another common cause of premature ageing in women is smoking. Smoking reduces the collagen production that eventually makes your skin appear less firm and saggy. It also causes excessive dryness that leads to your skin appearing wrinkly.

03. Alcohol consumption

Drinking a lot of alcohol quite frequently dries out your skin a lot faster than you think. This makes your skin lose its elasticity and shape over time, leading to your skin ageing a lot more prematurely.

04. Stress

Another common factor that leads to the appearance of premature signs of ageing is stress. When your body is constantly stressed, the collagen levels in your skin deplete a lot faster, and this makes your skin appear dull and aged.

05. Diet

Food is one of the most underrated causes of premature ageing. The food you eat has a tremendous impact on how good or bad your skin looks and feels. Having foods rich in essential vitamins and nutrients will definitely keep your skin looking young and glowing. On the other hand, having fried, sugary and processed foods causes inflammation and shows on your skin as pimples and acne.

06. Lack of physical activity

If you are someone who leads a pretty sedentary lifestyle with almost no form of daily physical activity, chances are that your skin will show signs of ageing a lot faster than someone who leads an active lifestyle. This is because the lack of exercise causes oxidative stress and DNA damage, all of which lead to premature ageing of the skin.

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